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As you know, when deciding on what Truck or Trailer to buy, there are many features and options available to choose from. We can and will make sure that you have exactly what you’re looking for. Even if we don’t have it in our inventory we will get it for you. At Prestige International we are relied upon by individuals all across New Zealand for the distribution of new and used trucks and trailers.

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Designed For New Zealand 

Built-In New Zealand


We believe in offering and safest and most reliable truck. International Trucks are designed, engineered and extensively tested for New Zealand, and because of this, we regard them as New Zealand’s best truck. We are proud to say that all of New Zealand’s international trucks are Built right here, at home. This gives an obvious advantage when it comes to customization abilities and wait times, for new trucks and parts.

Currently, we offer three models of which are all customizable and built to the requirements of each individual needs. These three models are; Lonestar, Prostar and 9870. All these models are advantageous in most fields of use.

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Used Trucks


560hp, Eurotronic 16 speed Auto shifter,

 Iveco 8 bag air suspension, Spedo 1,276,000

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560hp, Eurotronic 16 speed Auto shifter, 

Iveco 8 bag air suspension, Spedo 904,000


Sell us Your Truck

At Prestige International we sell used trucks and trailers on behalf. To all customers we offer finance, meaning the likely hood of your truck or trailer being sold increases. Selling your truck/trailer and be difficult and sometimes confusing, but not with us. We do all the work for you and it is important to us that you have a full understanding of the process involved, from interest to final sale. We are relied upon by individuals all across New Zealand for the distribution of new and used trucks and trailers, meaning we can find your right buyer for your top dollar




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Prestige International offers full finance on all new and used trucks and trailers. This is offered through UDC Finance who specialize in Commercial vehicle & truck Finance. UDC remains focused on our core business and takes great pride in helping New Zealanders grow by providing them with the funds they need for vehicles. We use UDC Finance because they pride themselves on establishing relationships with businesses as well as being highly recommended and trusted in the commercial trucking industry.