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The Truck for Every Job

- Powered by Cummins


Over 4 million Aumark trucks which integrate technology from Cummins and Daimler have been produced since 2003. The key to Aumarks success is it’s DNA; taking the best products from world best suppliers and building them into a Light Duty Truck that represents exceptional value for money. Whether you need something to drive on a car license, or for carrying freight around town the Foton Aumark has a job ready solution for you.

Currently, we offer three models of Foton: Bj1051, Bj1079 and Bj1099. All these models are advantageous in most fields of use and available in either Flatdeck, Cab/Chasis or Box body.

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1070 multi pic

Aumark BJ1078

Drive on Car License 


Aumark BJ1088

Drive on Car License 

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Auman EST-M

12000 GVM 

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Aumark BJ1051

Drive on Car License 

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Aumark BJ1079

Drive on Car License 

Custom Builds
Please note that all the images above are only examples of trucks. There may be small differences from images to trucks in real life. We always advise visiting before purchasing.