History of PIL

In the late 1990’s, two qualified mechanics with extensive experience in truck maintenance formed a company named Prestige International Limited, with Truck maintenance workshop in mind.  The aim and object of the company was to become a dedicated service agent for Fire Fighting Units and Other Brands of trucks marketed in New Zealand, with dreams of becoming a name associated with the trucking industry.


Richard photo

An opportunity arose in 1997 when Iveco Trucks Australia Ltd, then known as International Trucks Australia Ltd, decided to open their guarantee and servicing of their trucks, and reputable workshop operators, to register their expression of interest in the upcoming Truck Marketing Company.Iveco trucks with spare parts and whole goods sold and distributed to the dealers and individual customers from Kaitaia to Invercargill.  They needed a workshop to support their products, i.e. T Line, S Line, ACCO, Powerstar, Stralis, Eurocargo, Eurotech, Seddon Atkinson and other small utility vehicles that were becoming popular with Kiwi Individuals and fleet operators.


In 1997 Prestige International Ltd was chosen as a capable contender out of several applicants for the service and warranty agent.  Prestige leased the workshop area of the building from IVECO Trucks Australia Ltd.  This location became the heart of the trucking industry in South Auckland, in close proximity to Road Life Trucks, Southpac, Intertrucks, Trucks and Trailer, Truck Stops UD, Nissan and Cummins, just to name a few.  This suburb is also the residence of many truck fleet operators which promotes and boasts of its aerial access to each trucking company and fleet operators.  There are few truck and trailer parts retailers and wholesalers based in South Auckland, which is also an added bonus for the workshop operators and the truck owners alike.